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The aspie project is a site where people with ASD can get info/help about ASD. What differentiates The Aspie Project from other sites about Autism is that It is directly aimed at people with ASD, and not aimed at the parents of children with ASD. It is also created by people on the spectrum, making this site also a good source of information for people that want to understand people with ASD. As with any new website, there is way more stuff coming on here soon!

About the creators and writers

The aspie project is created by Vincent Lammens, from the vision that there needed to be a site about autism aimed at us (the people with ASD). As this site is created and maintained by people on the spectrum, it is also a good source for people without ASD to understand us.

This site is maintained by a small group of people, from all over the world:

  • Vincent – Creator, writer
  • Aron ‘Codewolf’ – Writer
  • David – Writer, also known as AspieLife on youtube
  • Eric – Writer


If you wish to contact us, you can send us an e-mail to:
contact [at] aspieproject [dot] com