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Autism & Group work, My experience

Last semester I had a group work for school. As I didn’t know anyone I asked to put me in a random group. This was also my first groups work ever and this ended up being a stressful and difficult task for me.

It all started bad from day one, one of my 2 teammates did almost nothing. Communication between the 3 of us wasn’t there either, even though I have tried my best to get it going (without result). When they announced Lockdown in March, 3-4 weeks into the project it went from bad to worse. The communication we had, during a moment in class fell away. This resulted in me doing it all myself, a way to big task for one person.

Luckily for me, the task got less big because the 2 other teammates got suspended from the task for not doing a thing, but still this was too much for me alone to handle. I had no feedback from the lecturers, which was quite essential for me to know if I was doing it right I ended up failing (because I had no feedback, I never got to hear what I did wrong)

Because I  failed, mainly because the 2 teammates doing nothing, and me not getting feedback from the lecturer I had to re-do it in the summer break, in addition to add a lot of extra changes, also without feedback. I hope this will work out this time.

Edit 4/8/2020: I eventually decided to stop trying to finish this, as I had 3 more exams to take too, I hope I end up in a better team next year when I have to do this again. This is probably a smart choice (as the chance I can make it work is too small)

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