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What causes autism

The exact cause for autism spectrum disorders are still unknown, there are a lot of theories about what could cause ASD, or what could increase the ‘risk’. There are a lot of clues that lead back to genetics.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors might be the most obvious cause, as ASD tends to run in our family. Changes in certain genes cause autism, that might be passed on to the child. This can happen even when either parrent does not have any Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Environmental factors

There are a few known environmental factors that might increase the risk of autism, but as the word might indicates, this is not 100% certain. These include:

  • Advanced parent age (either parrent)
  • Air quality
  • Birth complications

Researchers are still looking for the exact cause, as there are ‘hints’ with the factors mentioned above. The answer on this question is yet to be uncovered.

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