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Dealing with sensory overload

in this post I will have it on how I deal with sensory overloads.

Fist of all, I always carry earplugs with me. I have a good pair that I can toggle on and off (Dbuds from ear labs) and I also have a backup-pair of foam ones in my wallet, just in case. These earplugs have saved me a lot. This is my main way of dealing with sensory overloads, as sound is the biggest problem for me.

I also have glasses that automagically become sunglasses when there is a lot of sunlight, these are more practical so I don’t need to shuffle glasses all the time, but I toughs it would fit in here as well as Aron told me he uses sunglasses even when the lights indoor are too harsh.

This was a short one, but a longer post is in the making, So stay tuned for that.

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