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ASD At Work


One of the most common traits of ASD is communication issues. This can make getting a job more difficult unless one prepares for it. Thankfully there are many practice interviews online which can be used to practice. Just treat the person on the video as if their actually interviewing you. Make efforts to make eye contact every so often, but don’t hold it for more than 5-10 seconds or it can come off like you are staring at them. Then take a 10-15 second break before trying for eye contact again. This can be a tedious process and if you find it too overwhelming, then don’t worry about it. Just looked passed their head to the wall. After several hours of practice a real interview is much easier.

Disclosing a Diagnosis

In most situations I don’t feel its needed to disclose you’re diagnosis as there is still sadly a negative stigma towards ASD. However; if something is in need to change to better fit you’re needs, then going to HR and requesting an accommodation should be the course of action. HR will keep things confidential and most accommodations are small enough that they will not hesitate to assist you.


  1. Ben

    Disclosing your diagnosis is not always the best idea, depending on where you work. I did it at my previous job, got fired.

    • Comment by post author


      At least here in Florida, if a company fires you for autism their breaking law thanks to the disability act of 1990. So I guess its best to see what policies exist both within the company and legally before making a decision.

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